by Vanessa Faith

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released September 28, 2012



all rights reserved


Vanessa Faith Singapore

Indie Folk
Acoustic Covers

2010 -
Inner Voices EP

2014 -
O Its Christmas EP

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Track Name: Good Things (Single)
Good things they don't fall from apple trees
Don't sit there and just enjoy the breeze
Get back, you gotta get back on your feet
Draw a map, and get back to me
(Get back to me)

There are times when i stay awake
Thinking of you
Dying to get back to
Brew and construe

I try to paint a picture
Thinking of you
On a train, on a bus
People stand amused

Where have you gone to
Grace and virtue
Cos here i am
Cold and framed
Hearing once again

Small steps to town
I hear their voice aloud
Talking and laughing
Called me a weakling

I stopped and pondered
Thinking of you
Ate cold cream, my face beamed
I know what He means
Finally knew what He means
Track Name: Claustrophobic Turtle (Demo)
Intro: (Whistle)

Verse 1:
What if I were a claustrophobic turtle
Would you still hold me?
What if I were a goldfish with full memory
Would you still adore me?

Chorus: Ooh Ooh

Verse 2:
What if I were a bumblebee who can't dance
Would you still sway with me?
What if I were a bird with no song at all
Would you sing a song for me?

Chorus: Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Mmm Mmm

Hush now darling
Close your eyes
You and I are not alone

Staring at the same side of the moon
Someday you and I will finally meet
And that will be so sweet

Outro: (Whistle) Ooh Mmm Mmm Mmmm
Track Name: We'll See (Demo)
Verse 1:
Darling take it slow
We think that we both know
How it’d kill what’s happening
If the future’s all you know

Of all times I’m wandering
Who I’m gonna be, you’d say
“We’ll see”

Verse 2:
Leaving parts of me
Behind all I’ve been through
Always playing the catch ups
With the future I wanna know

Of all times you’re wandering
Who you’re gonna be, I’ll say
“We’ll see”

Oh, all we need
Is the air we breathe
Oh, all we need
Are times like these

Brighter each night
These city lights
Are turning all our dreams
To self-centered things
We wanna complete

Higher each flight
Stronger with might
(Makes me) wanna run and hide
From mindless machines
And dollars and flings

Oh Reverie,
Gives us clue for a fuller life
Track Name: Wait (Demo)
Verse 1:
We wait and wait and wait
We wait and wait all day
We wait till our toes grow cold
Oh boy, is this ‘cause we’re getting old?

Verse 2:
We sit and stare away
And ask ourselves, “does it have to be this way?”
The thoughts in our heads, they say, “well, maybe.”
But do you really know what I would say?

I’m just waiting
For you to get ready
I’m not complaining
Until your loving arms reaches me

Verse 3:
We are contradicting
It’s contrary to what we think
Ought say what we think is right
But kept it in to prevent the fight

Verse 4:
Tomorrow will come
And it will be new
Oh, sometimes it is better
My words are few

Will you ever wait for me
Like I’ve wait for you
Will you ever
Wait for me
Wait for me too?