Originals (Demo Tracks)

by Vanessa Faith

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released August 30, 2010



all rights reserved


Vanessa Faith Singapore

Indie Folk
Acoustic Covers

2010 -
Inner Voices EP

2014 -
O Its Christmas EP

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Track Name: Good Things (Acoustic)
Good things they don't fall from apple trees
Don't sit there and just enjoy the breeze
Get back, you gotta get back on your feet
Draw a map, and get back to me
(Get back to me)

There are times when i stay awake
Thinking of you
Dying to get back to
Brew and construe

I try to paint a picture
Thinking of you
On a train, on a bus
People stand amused

Where have you gone to
Grace and virtue
Cos here i am
Cold and framed
Hearing once again

Small steps to town
I hear their voice aloud
Talking and laughing
Called me a weakling

I stopped and pondered
Thinking of you
Ate cold cream, my face beamed
I know what He means
Finally knew what He means
Track Name: No (Bring Me Down)
All I have are these but my dreamings
I know I know you try to bring me down
Awake my soul from all this slumber
And yet forget to check your heart

You try to tell me who are but
What you said is really marred
You said I'm twisted,
Illusions fake it
Who do you think you are
You haven't gone really far

No No No
Stop trying to stop me
This time I'm not foolish
I think i can own it
No No No
Stop trying to change me
I know this is the way
I choose to be

I never needed anything more than you
Just like you I'm only human
Give me benefit of doubt
And believe that I can make a change

No No No
Stop trying to stop me
This time I'm not foolish
I think i can own it
No No No
Stop trying to change me
I know this is the way
I choose to be
Track Name: Peek-A-Boo
Skip along, sing a song
Right under all these trees

Close my eyes, count to five
Still I find, you’re not here

Peek-a-boo. How do you do?
Peek-a-boo. To you.
Peek-a-boo. A game for two?
Peek-a-boo, you left, that’s all I knew

Took a float, sailed a boat
Still I'm not, happy yet

Bought a hat, and a cat
Dreaming out, loud alone


Peek-a-boo. How do you do?
Peek-a-boo. To you.
Peek-a-boo. A game for two?
Peek-a-boo, you left, wearing blue (that’s all I knew)
Track Name: If I Wanted To
Like cherry blossoms that’s blown by the wind,
I couldn’t make you stay if I wanted to.

If I only could
So beautiful on the floor you bind,

To touch would be a flutter of colours,
Backed by the wind, Beauty in a lull.

Let the petals of joy lay, never to dull
In a discharge of dazzling ribbons, but never to blind.

You drift so flawlessly with the grace so sublime
It would be cruel, to hold you in a bind.
Track Name: Maybe
Why do you look so sad?
You said all that troubles
Weighing you down down down like a Crown

Too heavy for your head
Your shoulders are aching
From the schedules on your back pack

Someday we’re meant to be
To ride on those horses and
Sail far away to the Seas

Just you and me
We’ll just keep on dreaming
As I write these on my diary

That’s they call us both
Dreamers maybe
But we’re certainly in sync

With the brains in our heads
And our hearts to save the universe
From the lies that are said and unsaid
Track Name: If Life
The lady / under the bridge, do you see her?
Her children / left years ago / and never to come back
Children / roaming the streets / do you hear them?
Their hearts speak of a song / with no one to sing them

I say life,
Isn’t just about being merry
And life isn’t / just about the few of us

People passing us by / like jet speed ferries
With hopes and dreams on their sleeves / with no one to see them
Trails of tears / and sorrow / with no one to find them
You search for a meaning / to all you’re holding on to

If life / was all a dream / would you wake up happy?
If today / was your last day alive / what would you carry?

Aye/ Aye
You could make a difference
In the lives around you
In need of a friend
In need of a hand
If you just had ears to hear
If you just had the eyes to see
I know you can

If life was all a dream, would you wake up happy?
If today was your last day alive, what would you carry?
Track Name: God (The Plea)
You took my heart
And fell for a shooting star
While I sat and wait
A lonesome in the dark

But I should have known these dreams
Were nightmares from the start

Can you help me please?
I think I’m going crazy
From all these maybes

I say, God,
Can you save me from freezing
All the parts of my heart
From loving

Have you considered this
And how its gone too far
I can’t recognise
Your laughter’s from your cries

But you don’t seem to care
Enough to hear my thinking
And all I’m left to do
Is to stand up and start leaving

Track Name: The Same
And I was lost, naked
When I heard Your voice
I hid behind these

Fig tree leaves,
And there he was
Standing next to me
But all he could say is
"Look what you've done!"

Its easy to be misunderstood
Should have known I would
End up in this shame
But You were here from the very start
You've seen it all
Heard it all
And yet
You love me the same

You've given him a friend
And yet he blamed me
For causing him to fall
As if I wanted all of his faults

Track Name: I Need You
Looks like its raining again
Why do i always think of you?
Looks like its pouring in my life
All i want to do, is to meet with you

I know you have always been near me
When i call out your name
You sing over me, sing over me

I'm calling out
I am calling out for you
I need you, i need you

And all i want is you tonight
And all i want is you by my side